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In the battle against Getafe, Dembele made his debut for Barcelona for the first time in 11 months, and Xia Chuang’s new aid Pedri made his first start for Barcelona. However, the two had completely different performances. "Daily Sports" reporter Luis Miguel Sans wrote an article that Pedri and Dembele, two completely opposite examples, should arouse our reflection to avoid making similar mistakes in the future.

在与赫塔菲(Getafe)的战斗中,登贝莱(Dembele)11个月以来首次在巴塞罗那亮相,夏闯的新援佩德里(Pedri)则首次进入巴塞罗那。但是,两者的表现完全不同。 《每日体育》记者路易斯·米格尔·桑斯(Luis Miguel Sans)撰写了一篇文章,佩德里和登贝勒这两个完全相反的例子,应该引起我们的反思,以避免将来犯类似的错误。

Investing heavily in signing top players does not always go well. In the long run, it may even become a problem that the club needs to solve. For Barcelona, ​​who need to use signings to improve their team's strength in the future, the different performances of Pedri and Dembele should become a factor that they need to consider when making decisions.


There is no doubt that signing Pedri is a smart move for the club to sign up. Barcelona signed a skilled player at a reasonable price. He has a clear Barcelona style and will play an important role in the future or even in the short term. In the battle against Getafe, his performance gave people hope. The most important thing is that he has the determination to succeed as well as his humble attitude and professionalism, which proves that he will become a valuable asset for the club in the future.


For the club, signing a player like Pedri is the least risky type of investment, and you can see his future just by virtue of his outstanding performance on the court. If Pedri is the future of Barcelona, ​​then Dembele may have become Barcelona's past, and in two months, he may even leave Barcelona.


After Neymar switched to Paris Saint-Germain, Barcelona signed Dembele with a transfer fee of 100 million euros. However, he has not yet fully integrated into the team. No one can doubt that he is unwilling to be part of the club, but injuries, inability to understand team tactics and unprofessional behavior outside the stadium make him far from the club's expectations of him.


Investing such a large sum of money in such a young player is like playing with fire. Dembele's goal may still be how to gain a foothold in the club, but Barcelona currently only considers how to recover this investment as much as possible. The two completely opposite examples of Pedri and Dembele should arouse our reflection to avoid making similar mistakes in the future.

在这么年轻的玩家身上投资这么大的钱,就像在玩火。登贝莱的目标可能仍然是如何在俱乐部中站稳脚跟,但巴塞罗那目前仅考虑如何尽可能地收回这项投资。 Pedri和Dembele的两个完全相反的例子应该引起我们的思考,以避免将来犯类似的错误。

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