Swipe and Roll: Slot Review

Hey slots fans, and welcome through the Swipe and Roll doors as NetEnt roll back the years with this classic fruit machine homage. After initially being a LeoVegas exclusive, Swipe and Roll was released to the wider iGaming community in August 2018 – mixing traditional slot pleasures with modern-day features. It’s RTP stands at 96.35%, with coin wins won using standard bet lines within the 5×3 reel structure. On the face of it, it could be just another fruit machine imitation – but NetEnt always have a few tricks ready and waiting.

One of those is the triple-pronged Coin Wheel Feature. It can appear randomly within the main game before the reels come to a halt – awarding a coin win, Scatter symbol or Arrow symbol. Our first example is the easiest to understand – a pretty rewarding coin win!

Next up, we at first see another coin win – except the wheel continues to spin, not once but twice… That’s because this feature guarantees you at least 5X as a prize, so the first two weren’t enough. Upon the third spin, we hit an arrow symbol which extended the win area by one step both ways, thus creating a sufficient coin win. NetEnt also developed a separate bonus round for Swipe and Roll, enhancing its appeal even further. There are two ways to enter the bonus round – including landing a Scatter symbol from the Coin Wheel.

This will take you to three new reels – each offering further coin wins or area extending arrows. You can choose to either turn the reels yourself, or hit the main spin button to rotate them in order. As you can see, we failed the manual method pretty badly! Either way, we finally managed to get there, resulting in both arrows and coin wins for a hefty sum. Yet, that’s not the only way to gain access to this level.

If a Scatter Symbol lands on the second, third and fourth reels in the same spin, this will also take you to Swipe and Roll’s bonus round. Rather than embarrass ourselves further, this time we played it safe by turning each reel using the main button. And luckily for us, a similar outcome occurred. Finally, Swipe and Roll’s Wild symbols also play their part.

A Re-Spin will be triggered when three or more Wild symbols of either nature land anywhere on the board, helping us to this windfall! Fancy giving this old-school slot a spin?

How to Win Online Slots

Let’s put the Automatic here and see what happens surely it will not pay like before… though but you do not know what can happen Well, actually, it did not give me anything, it had given me 10, 20 € before that Jackpot… something had to happen… Go with the Giraffes ahh so if it puts us more than a row they open in this way I understood then before we were lucky to have put it here and in the end so I opened it all over the page I do not really can talk anymore… I got cool after the Jackpot at the Book of Bra, to celebrate until the morning and I know I will do it again now this Bonus Game really was scanty I was lucky it wasn’t like this from the starting or I could have broken everything and run off the machine 130 € almost a shame if compared to before Go on! Go on with the Axes! Jesus Christ help me!

this machine is in a powerful payout mode, 24 euros a stroke, these are also 3 or 400 euros, or more 600… 700… Jesus Christ Thank you! Mamma mia… what’s going on here! I do not know what to do now… I would also like to collect it but as long as it moves well I’ll try it, I don’t care even if he cares for me 2 or 300 €, even so far I have given them some more money For God sakes, what’s happening here! Jesus Christ Thank you! Look it’s amazing!

Now that I’ll call Moreno and tell him, he will say “go to the hell liar” “shut up!” Ball! Give fire! and at this BET of 6 € … before he paid me exagerately… now the last Bonus Game gave me nuts and then it paid normal 700 € But I must fix a limit now otherwise it goes wrong if it is not set the limit for the game then we say I can stop at 5,500 €. Or, better, I will stop at 5.600 € and with 100 € we can go to play the Book of Ra I have to make a budget but I have to decide as well if I want to play the rest here or not.

Maybe I would say take 5 and… let’s do something stupid now, we’re at $ 5,700… I’d say to stop not at 5000 because I can not play 700 € in this way but now I put it at 20 € and we get to 5,500 that are not a lot of shots indeed, it’s just a few, but let’s see if it can put some Full Screens and if it puts the Balls we will just crack it! GO! damn! I can not imagine what can happen with the Balls at 20 € in my opinion it is almost impossible, but I never played so long at so high BET Come on!

to 20 € just extreme pain if the machine will pay… Go with the Balls! damn! Deo gratias! nothing, all vain Wild here… with 46 € we can do just 2 shots Go with the Balls!

nothing to do, nothing to do and now we stop at 5.500 €, please enough 8 it seems he does not want to give anything I just do not think I can expect more from this machine close session 700 € played, 6.122 € won it is also a good way to recycle bonuses to play if you have any you saw how much we rolled up! also because I played 20 € one stroke at the end, finally let’s go on WITHDRAW and so I’m getting again 5000 €, I will leave 500€ on the account will use them again in the next few days.

Slot Online – LA RIBOTTA! Slot Summer Queen vincita 6.000€!

I was also sick in the while Let’s see what machines are paying more… Lord, Lord, Book after the 5,000 € got on Book of Ra I was slightly ill Let’s try this: the Summer Queen! Never seen… let’s start with a budget and a low Bet low… like 2 euro, then maybe we bring it to 5 € if things will be getting better at Summer here I’ve never played then there are 40 Lines it played without sounds do I have to restart it?

sometimes they start without sound, have you never faced this problem? I had also 4,60 € perfect now here we are: 3.20 bet otherwise we go to 4 and 6 € I do not like these bets so much, but let’s see what will happen then, without even knowing the rules and how the payments are, we see: there is a Wild, Wild Summer I suppose those pink Balls activate the Free Spins that I do not know in what they consist of though Come on, come on Wild a few lines should be 40 the Gorilla is 50 Lines instead Pelican, no it’s a Tucano Crap, crap! But Full Lines 34 € not so bad then do you know what I do now?

well let’s turn it a little at 2 € before, maybe up to 100 €… go! at 100 € maybe I will raise the Bet I will increase it to see if it gives me some good payment at 3 € or no ah! beautiful! they were already coming out 40 lines, then 13 €, ok nothing impressive but I see it moving a little, let’s see if it also puts 3 Balls the Pink Balls, like Lucky Ladies there are several of them … this is Summer Queen I’ve seen different kind of these Queens… these damned K from all over put some powerful symbols, though I saw embedded only K and some other letter for example I never seen here embedded animals, so how is it possible to win a lot? only the letters can come out… the opposite of the Gorilla where the only one embedded is the Gorilla we are losing 100 €, from 130, we are still around 100€, come on!

put some Full Line the Ace is not bad, 28 € it always does in this way: it goes up and down! it does not even know what to put for example, the Women, but I never saw their Symbols embedded. Come on with the Balls! Pam!

huh, fire yourself! well, at 130 euros I try to raise it just to check, because I see it a little spry, maybe it will put me some good payout! it’s not just completely dead so we can gamble. Then stop!

Without going straight to 4 €, let’s go first a little at 3.20 € Let’s see if it always moves in the same way or sometimes, as you rise, the machine no longer pays Let’s first scratch a little the Balls Come on with K, damn, only 1 Wild 760 we are always around 130 it never puts three good symbols! three Puma, or Zebra argh, did not even recover the shot with all of these payments of J eh but you know: these so many lines are like this Go on with these Balls! damn! and it doesn’t put them!

here it is! now it starts to eat everything “machine eats all! it eats all!” it moved pretty well at 2 €, now at 3,20 I have to say it’s no longer moving… Go on with the Balls! damn, only one!

I do not know what happens if it gives them… we will discover it together… I would like to find out! sparks everywhere… but only 2 € it gave me! not even the Bet Fire yourself, machine! Do not eat now, damn!

you were doing fine let me get back at least 200 euros! since it also starts to bore me now aargh, Q wasted! no, I do not see it well anymore… 4 €! it does not put those wonderful payout like before go with the Balls!

damn! I have to lower the Bet then! at 70 I i will go back to 2 € Bet what a pity, it was promising well and I was really falling in love with this machine 2 let’s turn on the engine… let’s see if it puts the Balls by grace 2 Go!

but you can forget it! Now I do not know what’s happening in these Free Spins if it only puts those disgusting Jolly like the Gorilla or something else more important happens but… uh go, go! damn! 40 cents for 40 lines plus the quartet 2 € … eh we also have some quartet 38 euros … we return to 100m this is the music, it is not giving us anything it’s already good it still keeps us in the game but the hope is to take 3 Balls, something which can pay! These 3 Balls seem impossible to be taken though!

even because it only pays with Bet at 2 € it gives something. Already at 3.20 € did not give anything, luckily I did not put it at 4 € only two lines even so… maybe oblique and straight the Tucano sucks go with the Zebra, Full Lines please! at least! I lower the volume a little I have a terrible sore throat the K occasionally arrive to save us… 8 € a Line is good but now what do I do? I will try again!

3.20 € or I put it up to 4 directly, up to 100 € let’s see a little if this situation can be unlocked anything is unlocking! these Balls do not come out there is one in each roll so after a while they will must come out it’s impossible it never puts them… though Go!!! is not you get it in the second, third or quarter maybe it’s just three and for statistical purposes it puts a few times less I’m lowering the Bet, in the meanwhile, because it’s eating all the winnings and instead, we have 5, but it didn’t put anything until now okay, there may be, though! maybe if I complain a little bit they come out easily 🙂 also Tucano didn’t pay! Crap!

40 cents! but keep it for you please it’s better then if you give us a small winning 11 euros … we’re always around 100 we always stick there Go with the Axes, damn! it looked like a nice Screen instead they have disappeared I only saw them turning around… yes but why eh yeah but because we have to be at 100 so if it goes up too much then it’s not okay And that’s fine, let’s see if it can put these Balls then, that seems the only thing to win on this machine mamma mia what a pain nothing Go! infiltrate 4 or 5 equal things it never put the Puma! I still do not understand what the most worthy symbol is probably the Woman no way now we even begin to drop below € 80 something that had never happened so far Go! eh … give yourself fire!

when you hear that noise “DAN!” it means payout will not give you anything learn this not even 3 Women we took, 3 gypsy I do not understand that Symbol is a normal Woman or not Go with the Balls! is this the right time?

never… 63 There it is, eating everything now go on with K maybe we could recover something with a nice K screen like before it gave us some good payouts, but now it said “just enough” “you can even fall to zero, without playing Bonus” it is not that it moves badly, it is not that bad, hope never dies let’s hope is gives us something, but we just have to hope it happens I’m curious to know how much they pay for these Women since they have never come out may it give you twenty euros, bho? I do not know I do not think so, but it always pays a paltry sum, surely and here we got to 40 now, free fall from 130 € crumbs, this too no, without Balls are over! (as castrated said) we need 3 Balls at least to raise Screen of Axis missed fire yourself!

nothing more, we are done! so that I now raise the BET to try a recuperation in extremis well 6 12 18, three shots we have recovered the shot, almost, a little more all at 6 €, go … luck either goes or comes put an Entire Screen… how much is it, 13 €, we’re at 30… well, something will come out maybe if it gave us 3 Balls we would be very glad go!… last shot!…

damn… now the last shot because then we go to 8 € I can not do it. Go on three Balls, kindly … give yourself fire! how bad it is now I do something that you should not do. Attention, note well: do not do this! since anyway the last time I cracked it, I can afford some little more gambling now I’m trying 100 € more on this Summer Queen there is also the Autumn Queen… there are different, I do not understand the differences and I do not care now I have this and we play this 100 € all at a fairly high BET to recover something if it wants.

6 euro! mamma mia … a bit high though, well… but let’s try this! Hopefully it will give us 3 Balls!

a recovered shot all craps! no way, to win here is a bit like the Gorilla or Bonus Games or nothing… you can forget it! uh 3 Wild… eh just 30 euros… fire! I guess the Wild are just in the middle rolls because i could not seen them in the other, in the first and fifth until now… eh I could be wrong Go with the Balls! damn! nothing oh!

it just do not want to put these Balls! in short is something that you don’t have to do because… eh 4 Tucani hopefully let me retrieve at least my initial budget ie if it brings me 200 euros gladly i will withdraw! because it makes no sense to insist then over a certain… oh come on!

Go with the Ball! Ball! Ball! do not let me shout! Ahhh there?!

Ok! I can shout only in case I win… so try to give me something Powerful! then 10 games plus Summer Queen Bonus what is this stuff now?

Jesus Christ may perhaps be some symbol that opens in this way until it becomes even a full screen… well we see what happens… Go! First Round… Go with Tucano! and what the hell is going on? maybe few Tucanos need to get out of , I do not know let’s take a look, it didn’t give us anything here 13 euros, and put something like you should… nothing to do 10 € Go on with the other Balls, at least give more shots, as you didn’t give anything till now and what happens, damn! you can not figure out what it is needed there 6 euros has given till now, just nothing!

something more but always too little! Come on! shit, I do not understand anything! however we came to the end, last shot it did not give us anything! Come on!

At least some other Balls! No? What it this? and what happens? ah maybe we pay it as if we took it… I do not know what is that?

an Entire Screen? Also of Women! Praised be Jesus Christ!!!!!!

120 euros per line My Jesus!!!! Full Screen? Party!

Other 4800 €! Damn! I did not want to shout! Look it’s amazing what’s happening to me this time! That is, a Full Screen of Women I got at 6 € 4800 € the maximum prize in other words! I’m sure if I’ll post this video, now you will start not believing me anymore because you think “how is this possible!”

For God sakes! really amazing! Absolutely are real money, I will show you even the session number just to be sure My Jesus! No, well, in these days I’m lucky out of any logic so do not let that affect you and think that then you always win!

remember to always play with your head because… Go ahead. Push now!… 128 euros more!

We do not mind! We got almost 5,000 €! because, I was saying, I let you see the winnings here though at the Casinos remember that you win and you lose… but it’s easier to lose of course despite Online Casino pay 90% and more and so on well we know it though… See what sucks here! Jesus Christ Thank you!

it’s something amazing! I really felt something could come out from this Summer Queen… so I said “let me put 100 € more” but remember: I did something that should not be done, that is, if you gave yourself a limited budget of 100 € you have to respect it! Now I wanted to do gamble because I said “okay… I can afford it” but you play according to your chances, do not be stupid!

as they say Full Line… but this machine is still moving well Now, but I do not know what to do if I have to stop... Go on with the Balls! maybe! … Uh my Jesus! Attention! that we can have hopes here… then I did not understand anything before I realized that if it puts in three Lines of symbols something happens it opens, but I do not know how.