Don’t Gamble With Your Future

In 2015, I had a series of minor write-ups I had filed grievances against… They found out that my drawer was short so I was called to HR, and walked out on that day. They were gonna let me take… they were perfectly fine with me taking the fall and they got their $300.

They made me pay back $300 that my drawer was off and I gave them money out of my pocket. Well the first thing I did was called a union rep and they communicated a lot with me. They kept in contact throughout the whole thing while I was suspended. I got the Union involved and they prompted an investigation and they got OCC involved and they found out that it wasn’t me.

I was actually doing my job. Someone else was untrustworthy and they cleared my name. This upcoming vote is really important. Without the Union I wouldn’t be at the casino.

We need the Union. It’s our protector. It’s our friend It’s our backup. This is really an important vote.

We need to vote for the Union. We are the union. We the members, the dealers, the slot techs, the dishwashers, all of us are the union. We’re only as strong as we make it. We have to work together to make it stronger.

We have to communicate with each other. But we are the strength of that casino. It’s not just me by myself. Like union is more than one person. So that would mean whether it’s 20 people or 100 people that it will make a difference.

We’re brothers and sisters in this and the union has really taught me how to become one as a unit and together we can we can really accomplish a lot. It’s something we have to build upon you have to you have to… you drop your seeds you sow and we’re gonna get better. We just need that chance. Because if we go backwards, like anything else, you have to start all over again. We’re small people compared to a large corporation.

As a unified unit, we are forced to be reckoned with. With what’s going on with the vote, it is extremely important for the people to understand that they need to come out and understand what we’re gonna lose, what we can gain, what we can not throw away. I mean it’s scary. I don’t want to see anyone go unrepresented. I don’t want to see anyone go into a situation that they aren’t educated enough to handle. People need to be protected.

They need to understand the rules and what’s going on. It is up to them to vote to keep our current Casino Council in there. It is important that they get informed and if they can’t get informed contact us.

Let us inform you. Let us show you what’s going on, give you the facts, and hope you make the best decision for you.