How to Win Online Slots

Let’s put the Automatic here and see what happens surely it will not pay like before… though but you do not know what can happen Well, actually, it did not give me anything, it had given me 10, 20 € before that Jackpot… something had to happen… Go with the Giraffes ahh so if it puts us more than a row they open in this way I understood then before we were lucky to have put it here and in the end so I opened it all over the page I do not really can talk anymore… I got cool after the Jackpot at the Book of Bra, to celebrate until the morning and I know I will do it again now this Bonus Game really was scanty I was lucky it wasn’t like this from the starting or I could have broken everything and run off the machine 130 € almost a shame if compared to before Go on! Go on with the Axes! Jesus Christ help me!

this machine is in a powerful payout mode, 24 euros a stroke, these are also 3 or 400 euros, or more 600… 700… Jesus Christ Thank you! Mamma mia… what’s going on here! I do not know what to do now… I would also like to collect it but as long as it moves well I’ll try it, I don’t care even if he cares for me 2 or 300 €, even so far I have given them some more money For God sakes, what’s happening here! Jesus Christ Thank you! Look it’s amazing!

Now that I’ll call Moreno and tell him, he will say “go to the hell liar” “shut up!” Ball! Give fire! and at this BET of 6 € … before he paid me exagerately… now the last Bonus Game gave me nuts and then it paid normal 700 € But I must fix a limit now otherwise it goes wrong if it is not set the limit for the game then we say I can stop at 5,500 €. Or, better, I will stop at 5.600 € and with 100 € we can go to play the Book of Ra I have to make a budget but I have to decide as well if I want to play the rest here or not.

Maybe I would say take 5 and… let’s do something stupid now, we’re at $ 5,700… I’d say to stop not at 5000 because I can not play 700 € in this way but now I put it at 20 € and we get to 5,500 that are not a lot of shots indeed, it’s just a few, but let’s see if it can put some Full Screens and if it puts the Balls we will just crack it! GO! damn! I can not imagine what can happen with the Balls at 20 € in my opinion it is almost impossible, but I never played so long at so high BET Come on!

to 20 € just extreme pain if the machine will pay… Go with the Balls! damn! Deo gratias! nothing, all vain Wild here… with 46 € we can do just 2 shots Go with the Balls!

nothing to do, nothing to do and now we stop at 5.500 €, please enough 8 it seems he does not want to give anything I just do not think I can expect more from this machine close session 700 € played, 6.122 € won it is also a good way to recycle bonuses to play if you have any you saw how much we rolled up! also because I played 20 € one stroke at the end, finally let’s go on WITHDRAW and so I’m getting again 5000 €, I will leave 500€ on the account will use them again in the next few days.